Monday, July 2, 2012

Sneak Peek At Leaf's National VIP Cards

Next up for a preview is Leaf’s National VIP set. Leaf will be including the 5-card set in VIP gift bags. They are going with a cross section of sports, offering up football, baseball, boxing, and MMA.

Card #1: Robert Griffin III
Card #2: Dylan Bundy
Card #3: Muhammad Ali
Card #4: Ichiro
Card #5: Rory MacDonald

I feel that Leaf did a nice job with the design, not overly ornate but enough movement to keep the flow. RG3, Ichiro and Bundy have nice action shots, Ali is doing what Ali does best (smack talk) and MacDonald…well MacDonald is just standing there. Sadly Leaf has a couple of MacDonald cards in Leaf Metal and he is just standing and posing in those cards too.

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