Monday, July 28, 2014

Countdown To 200 Griffey Cards

I start off my week of "200 Griffeys" with my best Griffey deal of the year.
 One card that I was hunting down is the 1991 Arena Hologram #2 card. There are actually two versions, the base version and an autographed version. I was just looking to add a base version, which normally sells for a dollar or two, so when I came across one listed with an opening bid of $14.99 I thought the seller was insane setting such a high price on a base card. I checked the auction to see what the seller’s feedback was, 100% with over 1,500 feedback. That is when I noticed there were two pictures in the description and the second picture was the autographed version. I read the description which said that the auction winner would receive both the base card and the autographed card so I ended up bidding. I won the election for $15.49 plus $3.00 shipping, only one other person bid too. This is a card that usually runs $60 or more so I am ecstatic about this pick up.
Base version
Autograph version

This has got to be my best deal ever on eBay and all because the seller used an incomplete title which when matched up with what most people thought was an unbelievable opening price and people got scared away.

So I throw out a question to the readers…

What is your best deal?


  1. Man what a steal! Never seen this Griffey before. Guess its something I will need to add in the future

  2. Wow! That's awesome! Don't think I've ever gotten a deal quite as good as that.