Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recent Pickups: 2014 Goodwin Champions Lute Olson Relic

What University of Arizona collection is complete without a Lute Olson tie relic card?

I picked this up a couple of days after 2014 Goodwin Champions went live, it cost me $5.74 shipped. Looking at the prices now for a multi-colored swatch like this and I got a deal. There is a patch version (#/50), which I think might be part of a jacket, but they are running closer to $15 shipped so I am holding out for a better price.
He has a couple of licensed autographs with Upper Deck and Leaf but this is Lute Olson’s first relic card so I am really happy that I have been able to add this to my personal collection.


  1. I pulled the one #'d out of 50 if you're interested in a trade.

    1. I am interested, send me an email through my "Contact Me" and we can work something out.