Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Day Has Arrived

Monday was a pleasant day for me, I received a number of packages including plenty of Griffey cards and I finally hit 200 unique Griffey cards in my collection. Counting everything I received over the last two days I am at 211 Griffey cards and I still have a package coming from Justcommons so I am well on my way to 250 unique cards.
Card #200 is from 1995 and was inserted in to boxes of Post cereal. The card is a booklet style card that folds with the exterior showing a picture of Griffey on one side and the stats on the other side of the fold. When you open up the booklet you get a shot of Griffey’s sweet swing, in what I imagine was a homerun by the way he is watching the ball sail out. I plan on displaying it opened, the interior panel is definitely display worthy.
I tried figuring out which game this photo was taken from but Post didn’t have a MLB license so all images were airbrushed or blurred out. Doing my best Sherlock Holmes impression it appears to be a game against Cleveland with Tony Pena as catcher, Griffey at the plate and Jay Buhner on deck. I checked out the lineups for the 14 games that the Mariners played Cleveland in 1994 and 1995 and there were no games with Griffey and Buhner batting in order with Pena playing catcher for Cleveland. I am stumped.


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  1. Congrats! As a fellow Griffey collector I need to see your list and send you some of my doubles.