Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In Hand: 1992 Pro Set Flopps Promo Set

After Germany’s 7-1 trouncing of Brazil I initially planned on posting another soccer themed post but when I went to my mailbox something special arrived that made me change my mind, I received my 1992 Pro Set Flopps 5-card promo set.
In the early 1990s sports cards were all over the place, companies were looking for any way to make money and that includes coming up with goofy and horrible sets. Pro Set was already producing football, hockey, golf and racing sets so they decided to take a step in to baseball by doing what is most logical… a parody set.  Their intention was to create a 66-card set (55 base cards, 10 scratch & sniff and 1 “collectible” card) using the big named players of the time and to kick things off they created a 5-card promo set to get interest built up. As expected the MLBPA did not appreciate the idea and things went legal, Pro Set ended up stopping production but not before the promo sets had already made it out to dealers.
The five cards set includes
Wade Bugs and Stickey Henderson

Barry Bones and Lance Perishable

and the reason I bought the set Ken Groovy, Jr.

I never paid much attention to the set over the years but with my recent re-focusing on building my Griffey collection I have started searching out his cards. Individual cards run .99 cents up to a couple of dollars so when I found a sealed 5-card promo set for $1.99 shipped I jumped on it.
While I was doing research on the set I came across a rumor that a couple of the base cards made it out to the public but I could not find any information about anyone every actually seeing one of these “back door” cards so I am going to write that off as just a legend.

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