Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jeter's Final Countdown

The MLB All-Star game is about the best in baseball but tonight’s game was all about Derek Jeter. He played quite well and topped it off going 2-2 in his four innings which ending in a standing ovation and a tip of the hat from the Yankee’s captain. Jeter has been a class act his entire 20 year career, he set records, won awards and is a five-time World Series champion and there is no doubt that in 2019 he will be inducted in to the Hall of Fame on his first ballot.
There are plenty of options when collecting Jeter cards, he came up during the junk wax era and has many cards worthy of any collection but I think the best place to start are his 1993 rookie cards. I have always been fond of the 1993 Topps #98 card, it just catches my eyes, but if you want to go iconic his 1993 SP #279 is the card to get.

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