Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another Dinosaur Attack

As if on cue to further illustrate that 2015 is for the dinosaurs Breygent handed out promo cards for their 2015 Breygent Jurassic Domination release during the San Diego Comic Con. The set is scheduled for an October release. The difference from Upper Decks Dinosaurs and Monsterwax’s Dinosaur Galazy is this is an art set so like their Kris Kringle release the it will focus mainly on original art and sketch cards.

Dinosaur Galaxy should be shipping soon while Upper Deck’s Dinosaurs has been delayed once again, the third time for this sets delay, and pushed back to August 28th.

So far I have seen four different SDCC promo cards from Jurassic Domination. There are two 3-cards sets that are limited to #/100 and two single card promos that are unnumbered. The artists previewed are Tim Shay and Gary Kezele, two very accomplished illustrators. The single cards are running around $5-10 while the 3-card promos, which are printed on linen board, are in the $20-25 range.

I don’t know of any other dinosaur releases that may be on the horizon and I love dinosaurs but you have to wonder if there will be a point of saturation. Currently there are three sets based on dinosaurs (Upper Deck Dinosaurs, Monsterwax Dinosaur Galaxy and Breygent’s Jurassic Domination) plus Topps is reintroduction the old Dinosaur Attacks line in with the upcoming Mars Attacks: Occupation release. I understand this is the summer of Jurassic World but people are going to stop buying at some point. I am going to stick with cherry picking the cards that I like, most likely sketch cards and Tim Shay’s 3-card promo from Jurassic Domination. I also hope to get my hands on a ROAR card and Predators of the Sea shadow box card from Upper Deck’s Dinosaurs.

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  1. I pledged in the Monsterwax Kickstarter, so that's the set I'm going all-in on. If I see something from the other sets that I absolutely have to have I'll chase it, but I can't see myself buying it all.