Monday, July 27, 2015

Time For A "Would You?"

Last week a 1993 SP Derek Jeter rookie card went up for auction starting with a $1 opening bid. The card had been submitted to PSA and was returned “Ungradable” due to recoloring. The seller was honest and included the PSA insert in the photo. The auction ended last night at $50 after 20 bids.

This was a deal for the purchaser because when you consider that even raw copies, or low graded versions, usually start around $80 or more they got a nice discount.

My question,
Would you consider purchasing this card at $50 knowing it is recolored?  



I was watching the card with the idea that if the card stayed around $20-25 I might bid but I definitely would not pay $50 for it.


  1. $50 for a card from 1993??? Not a chance. $50 for a T206 Wagner / Cobb etc... or a Goudey Ruth... maybe even a '52 Mantle, maybe.
    But not for a 1993 Upper Deck anybody. No.

    Coincidently I got my '93 Jeter back from grading a few days ago... got a 9. Missed it by that much.

  2. I agree with my fellow Capt. $50 for a 1993 Card? NOPE. My limit for an individual modern card (1980-present) is preferably under $20, and up to about $35 maybe $40 max. As Capt. C said if it were a T206 Wagner or some other vintage goodie then maybe. Not for a Brave and definitely not for da Chipper.

  3. Oops Forgot it is a Damn Yankee Jeter. Sorry bout the Brave Chipper remark.

  4. I've wanted this card for a long time... and I've picked up doctored cards in the past. But I'd pass on this one. Hopefully the guy/gal who purchased this keeps it. I could see a shady dealer flipping this for a profit and not being as honest as this eBay seller.