Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Not The Way To Spark A Career

Holidays are supposed to be fun, time you spend with family and friends. They are not for destroying your career, though someone apparently did not tell NY Giants DL Jason Pierre-Paul or Buccaneers DB CJ Wilson, who both were injured in fireworks accidents this past weekend.

 In the case of Jason Pierre-Paul, who is still in the hospital, the Giants pulled their $60-million long-term contract offer. No information has been released about his injury and he refuses to see anyone from the team so beyond the initial announcement stating he had injuries to both arms and possible nerve damage nobody knows if he will be able to play this upcoming season which would mean he will play under the "Franchise" tag.

CJ Wilson may have just sunk his career with his accident, where he lost two fingers. He played in two games last year and has an unguaranteed $585,000 salary that runs through this upcoming season. If he does not play, he doesn’t get paid and he does not prove he is worthy of a future contract.

JPP had a solid year last year so his cards are holding their value for now. If he needs to take off a season or gets cut his prices will dip but if the damage turns out to be limited he can continue and his cards will rebound. Wilson has no cards, that I can find any way, so as far as his collectability goes it can not get any worse.

Hopefully both men will come out of the situation as best as possible under the circumstances and stand as a cautionary tale for people in the future.

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  1. Read that JPP had a finger amputated. Could be just speculation... but regardless if I was making their kind of money and my body was my paycheck... I probably would have went to a baseball game and watched the fireworks there. Or... if I absolutely needed a front row seat... then have one of your buddies light them off.

    Regardless... my job doesn't earn my paycheck (well... at least my arms and legs don't earn my paycheck)... and I still won't be playing with fireworks anytime soon.