Thursday, July 2, 2015

Family Guy Fun Time

This post started as 3 different posts that I decided to join together to make a single Family Guy autograph post to keep things organized.

Some fun additions to my Family Guy autograph collection, Alex Borstein as Trisha Takanawa. I have been a fan of Alex Borstein since her days on MADTv, I still crack up at her “He look like a man” skits. I hope to eventually pick up her Lois version autograph card.
I also picked up a Mike Henry IP autograph, he does the voice for Cleveland Brown. I have to admit, I prefer him on Family Guy over The Cleveland Show. There was nothing wrong with The Cleveland Show but his character was natural in Family Guy and spin-offs rarely work, even for Seth McFarland.
A recent Family Guy autograph is Debra Wilson from the 2011 Leaf Family Guy release. Wilson has done a number of “additional voices” over the years from the show including “Nurse” from the episode “And the Wiener is” which is depicted on this card. She also did voices for one of the most underappreciated animated shows of the early 2000s The Oblongs, but I picked up this card for her work on MADtv. She was hilarious on the show during its 14 year run… well 10 good years and 4 years of people wishing it was funny again.
I love deals, who doesn’t? So when I came across a dealer selling a couple of the 2011 Leaf Family Guy autographs for insane prices I jumped on a couple fast like my chair was on fire. He was a new seller and his shipping is a little high ($4.00 each) but he had a nice selection of official autographs and was willing to combine shipping on multiple purchases.

In the end I spent $17.00 plus $4.25 shipping on a 2011 Leaf LeVar Burton autograph ($12) and 2011 Leaf Alfonso Ribeiro autograph ($5). You cannot find the LeVar Burton version for under $20 and the Ribeiro for under $12 so to pay $21.25 for both cards including shipping I was well ahead of the game. The LeVar Burton autograph is on-card while the Ribeiro is on a sticker though both are quite beautiful signatures.


  1. Nice. I'd love to pick up some Family Guy autos sometime.

  2. I should go after a couple of the Family Guy autos since I have the first two base sets. I'd likely just want the Mike Henry one and some other random one. I don't watch it much anymore, but I always liked the people who did voices on it.

  3. Ribeiro! <3

    I also have a Levar Burton auto - it looks just like that except it says "Peace & Blessings." Super nice guy, of course.