Monday, December 7, 2015

A Couture COMC Pick Up

On Black Friday COMC had free shipping as long as you had 20 or more cards on the order so I went on a bit of a spree of sub-$2 cards and ended up hitting 24 cards, enough for free shipping. I requested my cardboard treasure trove and recently got them. Most of my cards were Griffey with a small collection for my Ryan Bader pc but there were two Randy Couture cards that have been on my Grey Whale checklist that I can finally mark of.

First up is 2010 Upper Deck World Of Sports Clear Competitors #/550
The set was a multi-sport set using the licenses that Upper Deck had at the time and the set was kind of all over the board but that was the intent with a set named World of Sports. Plenty of autographs and some cool inserts, which is where this Couture Clear Competitors was included. I love a cool acetate card and this one is pretty well designed.

The second card also comes from Upper Deck but this time is the 2012 SP Authentic Golf release, this specific card coming from the Parade of Stars insert which shows various athletes playing golf. There are three versions, the base is green with the gold, blue and red being more rare. Some also have an autographed version.

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