Monday, December 21, 2015

A Custom Christmas Package From Gavin

The other day I received a nice Christmas package from Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown that was tailored to my interests, I would like to thank Gavin for the package I am very grateful.

I will begin with the custom 1987 Topps LaMarr Ho Ho Hoyt Christmas tree ornament. Hoyt has been transformed in to Father Christmas complete with beard and red cap. The card has a hole punch and string and is ready to hang on the Corky family tree.

Next up is a 1947 Goudey Indian Gum Luqaiot card. I will admit I was a bit confused by this one, I have 1933 Goudey Indian Gum cards and I thought this one was from that release but I noticed there was something different. The 1933 Indian Gum cards have green ink on the back, this card is black, and most of the cards that depict a specific warrior have a “Goudey Gum 1933” logo on the front. Additionally the bottom of the back of the cards is different. I didn’t even know that the set had been reprinted by Goudey in 1947, so this was a learning experience for me. The 1933 Luqait is on the bottom for comparison.

This was also a personalized card from Gavin, I lived in the Seattle area for half of my life and Luqaiot was a warrior from the Salishan Tribe in the Pacific Northwest out of the Kittitas Valley in Washington.

Now on to the freaking awesome part of the package, Ken Griffey Jr.

A 2015 BCD Ken Griffey Jr. Cardsphere Heroes #5 (A Green Star- Orange Ink #1/1)
The back of the card includes bloggers from the Cardsphere who collect Griffey. What makes this card even cooler to me, above all the coolness it already has, is that I have wanted a Griffey card depicting him in a Seattle Mariners Turn Ahead The Clock jersey. On July 18, 1998 the Mariners wore a “Future” jersey against the Royals, also wearing a “Future” jersey (The Mariners won 8-5). In 1999 Twenty teams, including the Mariners and Royals, wore TATC jerseys.

Surprisingly no card companies jumped on board, now you would expect to see a SSSSSP version included in a Topps set but in 1998-99 they all missed the chance to make a subset or insert with these jerseys so collectors who want them stick to custom cards and now I have one.

The final Griffey custom card is one that I have wanted for a while, Gavin makes some of the coolest custom cards and like me he is a fan of glow in the dark. Using the 1992 Topps design he created a magnet card using an image from the 1992 Simpsons Episode “Homer At The Bat”, one of the best episodes ever. To make it better he used glow in the dark strips as the border so now the card sits proudly over my printer in all of its Simpsons/Glow in the dark glory.



  1. Gavin's customs are just incredible. I wish I had a quarter of his talent artistically!

  2. Glad you like! Happy I could finally hit you back with something for that 72 Reggie you gave me a while ago.

  3. That Goudey is nice, those customs aren't so shabby either. Great stuff