Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Top Pickups Of 2015

With the year ending I was doing a mental countdown of my favorite pickups of 2015 and originally I wanted to keep it to a Top 10 and by the time I was ready to write the post I was up to 20 cards so I removed a couple of cards that were not as important to me and ended up using some creative manipulating and finished with my Top 10 list plus 2 Honorable Mentions

1.      Ken Griffey Jr. 1990 Topps Foil Test & 1991 Topps Desert Storm

2.      2010 Topps UFC Ryan Bader Nickname parallel

3.      1977 Topps Carrie Fisher autograph

4.      1988 Score Traded Jay Buhner XRC

5.      2014 Upper Deck Lauren Hill Heroic Inspirations

6.      1988 Topps Brian Bosworth RC

7.      Wrestling Trilogy

8.       Kenny Powers collection and customs

9.     1977 El Paso Sun Kings Kurt Russell custom

10.  2011 Leaf Family Guy LaVar Burton and Alfonso Riebeiro autographs

Honorable Mention

Randy Couture TTM

Macklemore TTM for my nephew


  1. Good stuff on here. Carrie Fisher and Burton autographs rock. Didn't know Burton had one in Family Guy

  2. I picked up the Lauren Hill card as well. I really wanted the autograph version, but the money wasn't there for it when the card was available for sale. The Griffeys are pretty sweet. I am still looking for the right Iron Sheik autograph for my collection.

  3. Love the Fisher and Steamboat autographs... but that Griffey Desert Storm deserves to be at the top. Great stuff. Have a happy new year!