Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An Unforgetable Ending

Going back to a couple of posts from earlier this year here is a quick review.

My nephew was living with me while his father was getting his life back together in Seattle. He shared a love of Macklemore with his dad so I purchased a 2015 Topps Macklemore First Pitch card for him. My nephew eventually returned to Seattle and within a short time someone broke in to his house, stole their electronics and they also stole the cards I gave my nephew including the Macklemore card.

I picked up another First Pitch card and sent it to Macklemore with a letter explaining how my nephew has had a rough life and that I gave him the card and how it was stolen and I asked for an autograph and Macklemore was more than happy to sign under the circumstances.

I gave the card to my ex-wife when the autographed card was returned to me in May and she was supposed to send it to him as a late birthday present. I found out last month that she had not sent the card so I urged her to please do it as a Christmas present and she finally sent it off last week. When he got it we asked that his father FaceTime us so we could see my nephew’s face.

Here he is opening his present with my narration

The look of an 8-year old getting a present

The look of an 8-year old opening the present and seeing it is a Macklemore card replacing the one that was stolen
The look of an 8-year old when he realizes that the card is signed by Macklemore
The look of an 8-year old boy when he finds out that Macklemore signed the card specifically for him