Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Return Of The Geek Goddess Felicia Day

It is no secret that I am smitten with Felicia Day and any chance that I have in picking up anything related to her I grab. The most recent pickups are a couple of promo cards for the card games Munchkin and Fluxx.

Lie To Your Own Webcam promo card was released to promote Munchkin The Guild booster pack. The Guild is a web show in which Felicia Day’s Codex is the main character with the story line built around her.

Fluxx is another card game and the expansion pack were released to promote Fluxx Table Top booster. Table Top is a web show created by Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, who also made apperances in The Guild. Felicia Day makes two appearances in the booster pack while Wil Wheaton makes four appearances in the booster pack.

These promo cards have been on my wish list for a while I just never bought them, I guess making them grey whales but now they are finally in my hands and they are off the list.


  1. I would guess you have her 2014 A&G relic already? If not, I have one.

  2. As a Felicia Day fan, I'm going to guess that you know about her upcoming part in the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000? If not, check out the now finished Kickstarter campaign for it. She's playing the new Mad Scientist for the show, and she did some fun "in character" promos for the campaign.

    1. I missed that one, that is amazing news. I love Patton Oswalt too, this is going to be very cool.