Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is Johnny Football Back?

With four games left in the season the Browns have announced that Johnny Manziel will finish the season as the starter, this is after he was demoted to third-string QB following some bad off-field decisions.

The Browns are 2-10 (Manziel is 1-2 during his starts) and in the final four games will be facing the 49ers at home before heading to Seattle and then Kansas City and finally closing out the season at home against Pittsburgh. The betting line has the 49ers game nearly 50-50 but the other three games are severely stacked against the Browns. If Manziel can get a win or two or at least have a solid game against the Steelers again he may either flat out win the starting job for next season or possibly looking at a trade to a team requiring a quarterback.

Before Johnny Football even showed up on an NFL field his cards were selling for insane amounts because he was well…Mr. Football. He was polarizing but that didn’t stop collectors from grabbing up his cards even though the prices were inflated.

With Manziel taking the reins again is it reasonable to begin purchasing his cards again? I am definitely not jumping on that bandwagon, I actually own two Manziel cards (Shown above) and have no intent of adding more to my collection any time soon.

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  1. One of the few benefits of being a Browns collector is that if you wait you can usually find their cards at decent prices. Sadly that is because high draft picks in skill positions like Trent Richardson aren't successful. I would really prefer to spend more money and have a successful team to cheer for.

    Taking a quick look at my Browns collection, which includes draft picks' college cards, I've got roughly 7500 card. At this point in time I have 77 different Manziel cards (some that I overpaid for) which ties him with Brandon Weeden for 23rd in my collection.

    The sad part of that is that I only have 79 different Ozzie Newsome, and 81 different Jim Brown. Sigh.