Thursday, January 18, 2018

A List Of All The Scents Acceptable With Cards... Gum, That Is All!

I purchased a card last week from a high rated comic book seller on eBay for a great deal. It isn’t a major card but a nice cornerstone for one of my mini-PC collections. It shipped quickly and was secured nicely so I have no complaints about that but when I got the card and opened the cardboard they had around the top loader I got hit with a smell almost as bad as cigarette smell. It smelled like the seller had just sprayed a flowery air freshener right in to the padded mailer.

I tossed all the packaging, including the top loader and penny sleeve, and I have the card sitting next to my monitor in hopes that the smell will eventually dissipate. I’ll admit, I would rather have a rose smell compared to tobacco but any aroma other than gum doesn’t belong on a card.


  1. Ha, sometimes I store my cards with old airfresheners just to freshen them up a little.

    1. I've used dryer sheets. They seemed to work well

  2. Gum and that antique shop / musty attic smell that comes on 50's and early 60's vintage. Love that smell.

  3. Hate that. I just got a trade package in the mail today and immediately got hit with the smell of smoke. I guess I need to start putting a condition upon trades of 'Must come from a smoke-free house'

  4. Same thing has happened to me before. I took the card and placed it on a folded piece of paper towel, then put the paper towel on a dryer sheet, then put the three items in a ziplock bag and left it there for a few days. After that... I let the card breathe for a few more days and it was fine.