Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday Question Day- Cool Relics?

Today is question day:

What unusual relic would you like to see in a card?

There are already some unusual relics in cards but they are not as common as the usual “Event Worn” memorabilia that shows up. In sports I would like to see shoes show up more often. Maybe do a cleat card with a single cleat from a football player’s shoe.

In non-sports, there are so many options. Cryptozoic’s Totally Fabricated relics, while they are manufactured relics, are very cool and bring us closer to comic books and animated shows like Archer so why not continue the idea in to other companies and their licenses? Who wouldn’t want a Totally Fabricated piece of the Death Star or some rocks from Alderaan? That is the odd thing about the Star Wars license, there are very few relics of any type; Ewok fur, Chewbacca fur, Jabba’s sail barge sail, bunker pieces from ROTJ and now Stormtrooper pieces. Where are the pieces of Han’s blaster? Luke’s lightsaber? Leai’s slave outfit?


  1. For baseball I would love to see some catcher's gear. Bits of shin guards or face mask would be really neat!

    1. That would be cool and there have been relics in the past that showed this can be done. There have been football face masks and a catcher mask is similar. Leaf has done some great cards with hockey goalie masks so thick catcher chest pads and shin guards is possible.

  2. I own one of those Ewok relics. And now that I think about it... I'm pretty sure I left it off of my favorite non-sports card list I created last week. Oh well. I did include a really cool space shuttle relic in that post.