Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Choose A Direction And Stick With It

I was going through my recent Steve Largent additions and adding the missing cards to my TCDB collection and I noticed after I scanned in three parallels from the 2005 Donruss Elite Back to the Future insert that the serial numbers are not printed the same way. The green parallel that is #/1000 has the top of the serial numbers nearest to the right border while the Blue #/500 and Red #/250 have the bottom of the serial numbers facing the right border.

I took a look at other player’s cards in the insert set and they are all serial numbered like mine, with the green parallels having their serial numbers in a different direction than the blue and red parallels.

I think the only reason I noticed this is because of my OCD and need for order. Damn you Donruss for messing with me and flipping the card sheets when printing the serial numbers.


  1. All 3 of those serial numbers mess with my OCD. Why did Donruss have to serial number the cards sideways? They should have just serial numbered the cards right below the Seattle Seahawks name.