Thursday, May 30, 2019

So You Don't Have To Experiment #1b- Worm Food Follow Up

Today is my 47th birthday, which means the So You Don’t Have To Experiment #1b is complete.

This year’s experiment donor cards were a 2013 Topps Chrome Richard Sherman and a 2017 Panini Prizm Eddie Lacy. The Prizm/Lacy card was buried 3 inches down and the Topps Chrome/Sherman was buried 6 inches down. In the past 365 days we hit temperatures up to 104 degrees and lows down to 6 degrees. We had close to 3 feet of snow over a one-month period and last July we had something like 20 days of rain, so there were times that my back yard was flooded.

Let’s get to the cards. I expected the cards to fair better than last year’s junk wax, and they did. The front of the cards, besides some scratches, scuffs and a crease here and there, came out still identifiable. The backs are where the damage was most visible.  In additional to staining, the adhesive on the back of both cards started to give away. Both backs did fall off when I cleaned the cards up. 

OK, not exactly a gradable card with most companies, but easily a GAI 9.5 or PRO 10.