Friday, January 30, 2015

Wallet Card Greets The Championship Repack Boxes

I picked up the Championship Football repack boxes today for Sports Card Super Bowl V and they were met by Wallet Card Shaq. The boxes contain 28 packs (30 really because two are rack packs) and are made up of 13 different products ranging from 2010 through 2014. The products include Topps, Panini and a single rack pack of Sage HIT Football. The breakdown:

2010 Panini Score

2011 Panini Prestige

2012 Panini Prestige x2
2012 Panini Score x2
2012 Panini Score Giants team set

2013 Panini Prizm x8 (Including 4 clear cello packs)
2013 Panini Prestige x2
2013 Panini Score x3
2013 Topps x2 (including a clear cello pack)
2013 Topps Archives x2
2013 Topps Platinum
2013 Topps Strata
2014 Topps Bowman rack pack
2014 Sage HIT Football rack pack


Tune in Sunday for my Sports Card Super Bowl V post… Now lets get ripping…

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What If? Marshawn Lynch Interview Inscription Card

After Marshawn Lynch's interview yesterday during the Super Bowl Media Day an inscription card like this just seems appropriate.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Full Monte

Recently I have turned my attention to autographs, I like the idea of having a favorite player’s autograph on a card. The problem with autographs is that you have to trust that the signature is actually the person’s true signature. Too often there have been questionable signatures even on “Authentic” packed out and graded/authenticated cards so as a buyer it is always best to do homework and it helps to find a trustworthy seller.
While I would prefer to have autograph cards that come from one of the major card companies but not all personalities sign for these companies or the card design may not be something that I like, the Topps 75th Anniversary autographs are a perfect example of disappointing designs. In this case I hunt out TTM or IP signatures and I have found a couple of sellers that have a nice selection of autographs for a reasonable price as well as having a solid feedback/history. I still check every autograph against other true signatures before I buy but I have added a couple of athletes that would normally be outside of my price range.
I am pretty excited to add this 2004 Topps Archives Fan Favorite Monte Irvin autograph from his time with the New York Giants. One mini collection that I am slowly building is autographs of Negro League players and Monte Irvin spent 9 years with the Newark Eagles, missing 3 seasons while serving in WWII. He later played 8 more seasons with the New York Giants and Chicago Cubs. He won a Negro League World Series Championship and another title with the Giants in 1954.
Irvin is still alive, 95-years old, and he has been a prevalent signer so his autographs are rather reasonably priced. He has a beautiful signature with a very unique “M” and “I” that stands out nicely.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Corky's 2014-15 NFL Playoff Predictions Roundup

Last week was my final NFL Playoff predictions using collectability as a way to determine who would win each game. Here is the results for the Conference Finals selections.

Game 1:
Personal prediction Seahwks (1-0)
Collectible prediction: Seahawks (1-0)
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 7.5 points with an O/U 46.5
The Seahawks won over the Packers 28-22

Game 2:
Personal prediction: Colts (1-1)
Collectible prediction: Patriots (2-0)
Betting odds: Patriots favored by 6.5 with an O/U 54
The Patriots won over the Colts 45-17

Here is my overall final tally of the NFL Playoffs. Over three weeks there were 10 games total.
Personal predictions: 8-2
Collectible predictions: 8-2

I didn’t do too bad this year with an 80% personal prediction, better than last years 70%.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Art Gallery: 2006 Inkworks Hellboy Sword And Storms

This month’s Art Gallery display comes from the 2006 Inkworks Hellboy Sword and Storms animated movie. The card was done by the artist Greg Guler, who is a professional animator, his work includes the shows Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Clerks animated show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Phineas and Ferb. He has also worked on a number of DC Universe comic books. As far as sketch cards I have only seen his work included in Inkworks Hellboy sets.

I enjoy the Hellboy movies, animated and live action, and this card is a perfect example of Hellboy. The pissed off look, like he is ready to clean house.

With Inkworks each card is numbered, in this case it is out of #/250, but each card is still a one of a kind. The numbering is just how many cards Guler did for this set. This was one of those cards that I was able to get at an unbelievable price (around $10 plus shipping) because it ended late in the night.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wallet Card Picks Up Ice Cream

I was picking up ice cream for the kids and Shaq put his two cents in on which ice cream he wanted.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How Much Fail Can One Person Pack In To A Career?

 Every so often I like to look back on a story I wrote and do a follow up. The tragic tale of Jeremy Tyler is one of these posts that I am revisiting.
In 2009 Tyler had “Potential Star” written all over him, he had talent and was averaging 28.7 points per game in his junior year in high school. He was so certain of his future pay-day that he quit high school and headed to Israel to begin his pro career. He ended up playing only 10 games in Israel and averaged 2.1 points again before quitting the team and heading home. In 2010 he signed with a Japanese team and played 33 games with the Tokyo Apache where he averaged 9.9 points a game.
Somehow he ended up getting drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats during the 2011 NBA Draft but was traded to Golden State the same night for cash. His NBA career lasted 3 season for 3 different teams (Golden State, Atlanta & NY Knicks), he played 104 games and averaged 3.6 points. He was on the Lakers pre-season team this year but was cut before the season began and he is currently playing in China.
His NBA career was a flash and sadly he did not prove his worth when he had the chance. He was given the opportunity but wasted it, an opportunity that many kids would love to have. At 23 years old he is a wash out and a good chance it has to do with his attitude, channeling his best JaMarcus Russell impression.
Panini did think enough of him that they included him in some of their 2012-13 NBA releases, this shows how low they are willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel to include players in sets. For anyone willing to still consider this kid a prospect his cards are dirt cheap, a rookie can be picked up for under $1 and an autograph will cost you another dollar.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Corky's 2014-15 NFL Playoff Predictions Conference Round

The Conference Championship games are this weekend, with two games on Sunday. By 10 PM Sunday night we will be down to two teams ready to battle for the Super Bowl title in two weeks here in Phoenix.
I will follow the same process as last week where I will make my personal predictions, which will be bolded, and my collectible predictions, which will be italicized. I will focus mainly on the skilled position players and try to display a variety of player’s rookie cards. I will also try to cover different players for teams that played last week.

 First is last week’s predictions and results:

Game 1:
Personal prediction Patriots (1-0)
Collectible prediction: Patriots (1-0)
Betting odds: Patriots favored by 7 points with an O/U 47.5
The Patriots won over the Ravens 35-31

Game 2:
Personal prediction: Seahawks (2-0)
Collectible prediction: Seahawks (2-0)
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 11 with an O/U 39.5
The Seahawks won over the Panthers 31-17

Game 3:
Personal prediction: Packers (3-0)
Collectible prediction: Packers (3-0)
Betting odds: Packers favored by 6 points with an O/U of 52.5
The Packers won over the Cowboys 26-21

Game 4:
Personal prediction: Colts (4-0)
Collectible prediction: Broncos (3-1)
Betting odds: Broncos favored by 7 points with an O/U of 54
The Colts won over the Broncos 24-13

Now let’s move on to the Conference Round

Game 1:
Green Bay Packers at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 7.5 points with an O/U 46.5

Aaron Rodgers QB
Randall Cobb WR

Clay Matthews LB

Russell Wilson QB
Doug Baldwin WR
Kam Chancellor DB

I am trying to remain as fair as possible here but for my prediction I did select the team that I felt is better for the reason that the Packers are a passing team and the Legion of Boom has been shut down again this year (well… mostly) and are ranked #1 Total Defense, #1 Passing Defense and #3 Run Defense.

As for collectability things are very close. Both teams QBs are among fan favorites but I think that Aaron Wroggers  (If you haven’t seen the new State Farm commercial it is hilarious) has the edge over Wilson in collectability. With RB I think Lynch is more collectible than Cobb. Jordy Nelson is more collectible than any of the Seahawks receivers but as a team I think that the Seahawks defense is significantly more collectible than the Packers defense.
Based on the Hawks defense I am leaning towards the Seahawks as the collectible winner but in all fairness this was an almost even comparison with Seattle only taking the win based on Sherman, Chancellor, Thomas and Maxwell.

WINNER: Seattle Seahawks


Game 2
INDIANAPOLIS COLTS at New England Patriots
Betting odds: Patriots favored by 6.5 points with an O/U 54

Andrew Luck QB

Dan Herron RB

Hakeem Nicks WR

Tom Brady QB

Shane Vereen RB

Julian Edelman WR

This is another close one and I know that my selection is not the popular one, but for my personal prediction I selected the Colts for the same reason I picked the Colts over the Broncos. I think that Brady is beginning to lose a step and every hit adds up especially when you consider he has been sacked 7 times in the last three games alone.
For collectability it is close too. Brady is extremely collectible and does not have a ton of autographs out there so his prices often top $1,000 and up while Luck has a ton of autographs but even with triple the amount of autos available his prices are just as high. Imagine if his were limited, the prices would be sky high so the edge goes to the young guy. Rob Gronkowski is significantly more collectible than any of the Colts receivers, almost combined, so a huge swing to the Patriots. The Colts lose points on RB because their most collectible running back isn’t even their starting runner and was benched last week over a player signed off of the streets (Michael Hill). Patriots RB Vereen is slightly more collectible than Colts RB Herron so in a battle of running backs the Patriots take collectability win.

WINNER: New England Patriots

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Big Unit Is The First Arizona Diamondback Enshrined

 It is official, Randy Johnson will be entering the Hall of Fame on July 26th as an Arizona Diamondback, the first Diamondback to be enshrined.
This is a bittersweet selection for me, I was fortunate enough to live in Seattle during most of Johnson’s 9 ½ seasons there and saw him pitch live on many occasions. I would love to see him enter as a Mariner but there is no arguing that his time in Arizona was significantly better. During his 8 seasons as a D-Back he went 118-62, 2.83 ERA, 4 Cy Young Awards and a World Series title (plus Co-MVP of the series).
The positive outcome here is that I am a Diamondback fan too and I think Johnson is a perfect selection as the first Arizona Diamondback in the Hall of Fame. Additionally Ken Griffey Jr. becomes eligible next year for the Hall of Fame ballot and he will (better be) enshrined as the first Seattle Mariner and hopefully followed by Edgar Martinez.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Favorite Machete

One of my favorite actors in Danny Trejo, he is just one of those bad-ass “every man” type people. He started off in a less than ideal position in life going in and out of jail and using drugs but he eventually cut that part of his life out and has been clean for around 40 years. He has been type casted in to bad guy/gangbanger roles but in recent years he has taken on the anti-hero role in movies like Machete, which is one of my favorite movies, if you haven’t seen it and you like action and comedies you are in for a treat. I have a Machete movie poster above my computer and I want to add a Machete Kills poster but I don’t know which one yet.
In 2013 the production company Machete’s Chop Shop, they are the producers of the Machete movies, released a small card set (67-card checklist) in conjunction with the upcoming Machete Kills movie. There were only 300 sets printed and promo cards were handed out at the different comic-cons and this card is P4. I picked up this card for a little over $6 and seems to be the most common promo card available. I saw a P2 (The threesome version) card go for $11 recently beating out my max bid by .41 cents... Damn!!!

I still need to pick up a complete set, I have been watching one over the last few weeks that has dropped in price each time it is re-listed so I am waiting until it drops under $20 before purchasing it.
There are even Linday Lohan autograph cards but get ready to spend well over $100 to get one, there are two versions; April Booth and Sister April Booth
If anyone happens to have any of the Machete promo cards that were handed out at Wizard World conventions in Philadelphia (P1) New York City (P2) or Chicago (P3), I would love to make a trade if you are willing to let it go. Here are what the promo cards look like:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vintage Card Of The Month: 1911 T68 Heroes Of History Benjamin Franklin

This month’s VCoM comes with a bit of storytelling flair.
Let us take a little trip back in time, it is 1911 and on his way home from work your dad stops by the local Woolworth’s to pick up a pack of Royal Bengals Little Cigars. He paid 15 cents for a pack of 10 cigars but all you want to know is where are you going on your next adventure?
You sit at his feet while he relaxes in his chair, slowly opening up the pack he watches the anticipation build in your eyes. Almost toying with you he slowly pulls the lid back, brushes aside his cigars looking for the small piece of cardboard that you are eagerly waiting for him to pull out. He pulls the card up, the back is facing you and you cannot read the small text from where you sit. Who is it? What year will you imagine you travel to tonight?
He finally pulls out the card and with a smile he turns the card towards you… Benjamin Franklin! An American Hero of History. You run over to the Encyclopedia Britannicas sitting on the shelf and quickly grab the “A” book for “American Revolution”. You spend the rest of the night lost in thought, reading up on the founding of America. You drift off to sleep dreaming about life in the 1700s.
OK, enough of the dramatic, back to reality. This month’s card comes from the Heroes of History release, a 100 card set inserted in to packs of cigars that is cataloged as 1911 T68 Heroes of History. The set included noted historical figures from around the world, the checklist includes Bonaparte, Grant, Hudson, Lincoln, Caesar, Louis XIV, Shakespeare and others.

 Most of the cards included the figure in a waist length illustration and worked in to the illustration is something important to the person’s legacy. Columbus has three ships in the background, Washington has an image of him crossing the Delaware River, James Monroe has the world map behind him with the Monroe Doctrine document in front of him and so on. The back of the cards contain quite a list of accomplishments from birth to death.

I picked this Franklin because I like the colors, the illustrators did a wonderful job with this set. I did a quick calculation using the CPI from 1911 and I paid barely more (based on inflation) than the original 15 cents it cost the person to buy the pack of cigars containing Big Ben here in 1911.

The card has seen better days, creases run through the card at a couple of levels. Both the front and back are creased, the corners are rounded and the back is stained and browning but it fits nicely in to my vintage collection.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wallet Card Goes To The Dentist

Shaq and I took a trip to the dentist for our 6-month cleaning, we both came out with a clean checkup and no cavities. I wish I could say the same for my son who has multiple cavities.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Exercising Some Seattle Ghost Cards

I had a wonderful mail day today and what makes it better is that I was able to take care of four ghost cards, actually more than that but the rest are Griffey cards that I will cover later.
First up are a couple of Jay Buhner rookie cards. Bone spent 14 glorious years in Seattle, we (the fans) were spoiled through the 1990s with Griffey and Buhner in the lineup. He was a fan favorite in Seattle, just ask any fan how popular Buhner Buzz Night was every summer when fans would line up to have their heads shaved to earn free admission in to the games.
As my second favorite Mariner I have a nice selection of Buhner cards but unfortunately I recently realized that a couple of key Buhner rookie cards were no longer in my collection, thanks to my vindictive ex-wife. I came across a seller who had two of the cards I need for $2.50 shipped so I jumped on it.

Even Seinfeld had to add their ¢2 cents on the trade that sent Buhner to Seattle for Ken Phelps to the Yankees.
1988 Donruss The Rookies #11
1988 Score Rookie/Traded #95T
The next two cards are Steve Largent cards, again they were ghost cards that I needed for my collection. These two cards cost $2.49 shipped together so a decent deal to add some missing cards.
1989 Score #225
1989 Pro Set #396

Friday, January 9, 2015

Corky's 2014-15 NFL Playoff Predictions Divisional Round

It is time for the second round of the 2014-15 NFL Playoffs with four games this weekend. Two on Saturday and two on Sunday.
I will follow the same process as last week where I will make my personal predictions, which will be bolded, and my collectible predictions, which will be italicized. I will focus mainly on the skilled position players and try to display a variety of player’s rookie cards. I will also try to cover different players for teams that played last week.

First is last week’s predictions and results:

Game 1:
Personal prediction Panthers (1-0)
Collectible prediction: Panthers (1-0)
Betting odds: Panthers favored by 5.5 points with an O/U 37.5
The Panthers won over Cardinals 27-16

Game 2:
Personal prediction: Steelers (1-1)
Collectible prediction: Steelers (1-1)
Betting odds: Steelers favored by 3 with an O/U 46
The Ravens won over the Steelers 30-17
Game 3:
Personal prediction: Colts (2-1)
Collectible prediction: Colts (2-1)
Betting odds: Colts favored by 3.5 points with an O/U of 48.5
The Colts won over Bengals 26-10

Game 4:
Personal prediction: Cowboys (3-1)
Collectible prediction: Cowboys (3-1)
Betting odds: Cowboys favored by 6.5 points with an O/U of 48
The Cowboys (and refs) won over the Lions 24-20

Now let’s move on to the Divisional Round


Game 1:
Baltimore Ravens at NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS
Betting odds: Patriots favored by 7 points with an O/U 47.5

Joe Flacco QB
Steve Smith WR
Haloti Ngata DT
New England:
Tom Brady QB
Rob Gronkowski TE
Darelle Revis CB
As much as my wife wants the Ravens to win I think their march through the playoffs is done. When New England is hitting on all cylinders they are difficult to beat. People may try to point out the 17-16 win over the Jets in Week 16 and 17-9 loss to the Bills in Week 17 but remember they had already secured the #1 position in the AFC and pretty much played sandlot ball for the last two weeks to rest their main players.
Collectibilty-wise they also take control of the football binders, Brady over Flacco any day and with Gronk as his backup the collectors will flock to the Patriots without even giving the Ravens a second look.

WINNER: New England Patriots

Game 2
Carolina Panthers at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 11 points with an O/U 39.5
Cam Newton QB
 Jonathan Stewart RB

Greg Olsen TE

Russell Wilson QB
Marshawn Lynch RB
Richard Sherman DB
The Seahawks beat the Panthers 13-9 in Week 8 but this was during their downward spiral, something they corrected before going 8-1 over the rest of the season. This game, in Seattle, should be better result for the Seahawks.
As much as collectors love Cam Newton when he plays well the love for Russell Wilson is that much greater. Now add Lynch (Yeah…) and Sherman (at least his mouth) and the Seahawks collectability is out of this world.

WINNER: Seattle Seahawks

Game 3:
Dallas Cowboys at GREEN BAY PACKERS
Betting odds: Packers favored by 6 points with an O/U of 52.5

Tony Romo QB

Dez Bryant WR

DeMarco Murray RB

Green Bay:
Aaron Rodgers QB
Jordy Nelson WR
Eddie Lacy RB

I will not address the picked up flag that essentially turned the game in to the Cowboys favor last week. As long as Aaron Rodgers injured calf muscle can hold out the Packers should be in control of this game in Green Bay.

With collectors the Packers are loaded with players who are just loveable; Rodgers, Nelson, Matthews and Hawk, you just want to own their cards even if you don’t collect Packers cards whereas the Cowboys, who do have collectible players, are the opposite on the likeability scale.
WINNER: Green Bay Packers
Game 4:
Betting odds: Broncos favored by 7 points with an O/U of 54
Andrew Luck QB
Coby Fleener WR
Adam Vinatieri K

Peyton Manning QB
Demaryius Thomas WR
Wes Welker WR
I will say this up front, I am picking the Colts as my upset pick for the week. I think that Manning, who is one of my favorite players, is starting to show his age. The hits are beginning to really add up and the cold weather isn’t helping. As much as I would love to see Manning win another Super Bowl I don’t see it happening.

The collectability here is a toss-up, we are looking at one of the greatest QBs ever going up against the guy who replaced him in Indy. Both rosters are loaded with solid players who have their own merit but in the end for the collectible prediction I am going with Denver to win based on collectability on Manning alone.

WINNER: Denver Manning

See you next Friday with an update heading in to the next round.