Monday, February 3, 2020

All That Is Left X

The Sports Cards Super Bowl prediction was correct, now 7-3 over the past 10 years. Time to share All That Is Left X.

The Prizm included 3 Blaster exclusive Lazer parallels, they are pretty cool with a gold/orange color background. Along with the Butker card I showed yesterday, the other two are #68 Willie Snead IV and #362 Lil'Jordan Humphrey. The included relic is a Premier Jersey Riley Ridley. 
The Donruss Elite blaster had a cool Star Stratus Green parallel Patrick Mahomes II, it was in the OT pack so that is why it wasn’t included yesterday, 3 Green base parallels (Mahomes yesterday plus Luke Kuechly and Rodney Anderson). The relic is a Craftsman Sterling Shepard. 
The Prestige hanger box had 60 cards, with 3 Hanger Box exclusive Green Xtra Points. Former University of Arizona QB Nick Foles, Jordan Howard and Evan Engram. Prestigious Pros Green Carson Wentz and the relic was a Gridiron Heritage Alvin Kamara.
The only Seahawk out of all of the packs is this Chris Carson from the Prestige hanger box.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sports Card Super Bowl X

It is Super Bowl Sunday and once again the cards are going to make their prediction. Surprisingly the cards are 6-3 predicting the winner of the last 9 Super Bowls, 67% isn’t bad as a win ratio based on cardboard.

This year I selected 2 blasters (2019 Prizm & 2019 Donruss Elite) and a hanger box of 2019 Prestige.

Like before, if a player is in a Chiefs or 49ers uniform the card is still considered a score even if that player has been traded or cut. 

This year I have decided to break down the packs instead of boxes for quarters. With 10 regular packs and 1 2019 Prestige megapack I am going with 3 packs of Prizm for 1st Quarter, 3 packs of Elite for 2nd Quarter, 3 packs of Prizm for 3rd Quarter and the Prestige megapack for the 4th Quarter. The final Elite pack will be used in case of a OT. This year the scoring is:

Field Goal (3 pt.) For random cards that could be a sign or superstitious

Touchdown (7 pts.) For any player from the Chiefs or 49ers

TD w/ 2pt Conversion (8 puts.) For any Chiefs or 49ers hits

If the game goes to OT, the final pack break down will be 1 point for a team based on each Conference card. So, if I pull 3 players from NFC teams, the 49ers get 3 points and vice-versa.

Quarter 1: Prizm
Chiefs - 7 pts
#215 Harrison Butker (Lazer Prizm)

49ers - 0 pts

Quarter 2: Elite
Chiefs - 17 pts (Includes 3 superstition points for the Green Mahomes being "Money")
#14 Patrick Mahomes II (Green) & Sammy Watkins

49ers - 7 pts
#86 Richard Sherman

Chiefs 24
49ers 7

Quarter 3: Prizm
Chiefs - 0 pts

49ers - 0 pts

Quarter 4: Prestige
Chiefs - 7 pts
#2 Travis Kelce

49ers - 21 pts
#3 Matt Breida, #119 Marquise Goodwin & #166 Dante Pettis

Chiefs 31
49ers 28

The cards have the Kansas City Chiefs winning by a field goal (the Green Mahomes) after a late scoring flurry by the San Francisco 49ers. I had a dream that the 49ers sold their soul to win the Super Bowl so I am going with them for the win.