Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Not Monday, But A Question Anyway

In 2019 Topps released both Topps Now and a complete set for the Alliance of American Football (AAF) before the league folded in April of 2019 and later filed for bankruptcy. This year Topps released both Topps Now and a complete set for the XFL, which also folded and filed bankruptcy. Now the XFL folding was not the league’s fault but no matter what it will end up costing Topps money, LCS and distributers too. 

Is anyone else wondering if Topps will jump on board with a startup league, no matter what the sport, if the opportunity arises?

Friday, April 10, 2020

Won't Somebody Please Think of the Rookies?

I have a question regarding MLB rookies. 
Let’s say the worst-case scenario happens and baseball cancels the entire season. How would this affect RC cards? For example, I will use Kyle Lewis from the Mariners. He was a late season call up and had 71 at-bats in 2019 so he was under the MLB rookie eligibility maximum. He was projected to be on the Mariners’ opening day roster, so his 2020 Topps cards have the RC logo. But if the 2020 season isn’t played Lewis will remain under the MLB eligibility with only 71 at-bats.

So, my question is will Kyle Lewis have RC cards in 2020 and 2021?
Ignore the 2020 RC arrow. It should be pointing to the card on the left. <===

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Happy 81st Birthday Knucksie!

Phil Niekro, the famous knuckleballer, turns 81 today. When  you look at his 24 year career, he retired at the age of 48 years old, he had some wonderful highlights like a No-hitter in 1973, NL wins leader (twice), NL strikeout leader and MLB ERA leader, along with 5 All-Star appearances and 5 Gold Gloves and earned his entry in to the MLB Hall of Fame in 1997.