Monday, June 10, 2019

So You Dont Have To Experiment #7- Sticker Autographs

Just because I am not posting does not mean that I have things rattling around in my head that are post worthy. I had put together a “So You Don’t Have To” video and uploaded it to YouTube and I meant to post it last week but didn’t get around to it.

In this episode of SYDHT, I removed a Herb Dean sticker autograph from a 2010 Upper Deck World of Sports Athletes of the World card and placed it on to a 2009 Topps UFC Round 1 Herb Dean card. The reason I decided to try this is because 2010 UD World of Sports release was a sticker dump and there were no images on the card, so a boring card, while the 2009 Topps card is a nice-looking card of Dean.

I chose Herb Dean because I already had both cards in my MMA collection plus I didn’t think anyone would get upset about me doing this. I will note, this card will remain in my collection and never be sold.