Monday, April 22, 2013

An Ugly TapouT Design Makes For One Happy Collector... Me...

In 2010 Topps decided to build on their new UFC license following the super popular 2009 Topps UFC Round One and 2009 Topps UFC Round Two releases. They released three sets in 2010, Main Event, Knockout and Series 4, all quite popular in their own right. One of the inserts from Main Event that has really grabbed my attention was the TapouT relics; I am not sure why I am so drawn to the insert. Some collectors might look at the design as overburdened and hodge podge and possibly even down-right ugly and I have to admit that there really is a lot going on here. Between the fighter, name, UFC/WEC logo, TapouT logo, various designs and images, the “Authentic…” text and finally the relic it really is one cluster of a mess but none the less I love the insert.

There are always plain black relic versions available, not to mention Sean Sherk and Mike Brown cards, but the multi-color relics are difficult to find for some of the bigger name fighters. I have been hunting for a nice Bader card for a while and when this copy showed up I was torn, it was a bit more expensive than his plain relic versions and even a couple of dollars more than an Onyx #/88 copy for auction but because the swatch included text I finally gave in and used the $9 BIN price.

I am sitting on the fence on picking up the Bader Onyx copy too but I felt that this one was my first target and I could not be happier.

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