Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Circus Formerly Known As The New York Jets

Last year I wrote a post after the NY Jets traded for Tim Tebow entitled “Now What Could Go Wrong with This Situation?”
I began thread with this question:

Is there any way that this scenario does not end in someone losing their job at the end of next season due directly to this trade?

The short answer was “No” Two coaches and the GM were fired over a 9 day period, one coach retired and one coach left to work with the Buffalo Bills.
GM Mike Tannenbaum
Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano
QB Coach Matt Cavanaugh
Special Teams Coordinator Mike Westhoff
Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine

Oddly enough if you look at this list you will notice the one name that should have been the first person fired is missing, Rex Ryan (and owner Woody Johnson, but that dipshit can’t be fired).
Ryan stuck with Sanchez even though he continued to slump through the season (butt fumble anyone?) and when Sanchez was replaced it was with the #3 QB McElroy. Near the end of the season there was the rumor that Tebow told Ryan not to play him, even in a Wildcat situation. Then there was the Daily News story last November where a number of Jets players who all stated to some degree that they felt Tebow was not a good QB and that he was not making positive strides. This shows that the team and officials had no confidence in him.
To be fair, Tebow was never given a fair shake in New York. Woody Johnson (no matter what he claims) brought Tebow in for the media circus he would provide. He played roughly 40-50 offensive snaps all season, went 6-8 for 39 yards passing and added 102 rushing yards.
Now it is expected that the Jets will either cut or trade Tebow and possibly Sanchez. Currently neither Tebow nor Sanchez carry much in trade value, especially considering Sanchez’s salary, so I would expect to see one or both cut. Tebow could possibly end up some where as a back up, Seattle and New England have been mentioned, while Sanchez will probably end up back in California trying to bag USC groupies with Matt Leinart. The Jets have already begun the 2013 Jets Media Circus Extravaganza when they brought in 35-year old David Garrard, who hasn’t played since 2010 but is still expected to be slotted as the starting QB next season. I have also seen some draft experts projecting the Jets as drafting a QB, Geno Smith if he is still available at the #9 position or Matt Barkley (I shit you not… another crappy USC project QB) in the Second Round.
So, as Woody Johnson sits in his tower overlooking Metropolis his decision to cause a media sensation by bringing in Tebow has destroyed the livelihood of four coaches, one GM and Tim Tebow all while claiming clean hands with his dumbass lackey Rex Ryan sitting at his side standing clear of the madness.

Who knows, maybe I should make this a recurring storyline where I ask which NY Jets personnel will get fired following each season after Woody Johnson’s annual media circus blitz.

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