Friday, April 12, 2013

Biogenesis, Does The MLB Investigation Even Matter?

With the MLB doing an investigation in to the Miami based Biogenesis clinic scandal and the connection to PEDs it was only a matter of time before Alex Rodriguez’s name started to appear.
Now that the investigation is in full swing it is being reported that A-Rod had not only been a client of Biogenesis, having purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of PEDs, but that he paid at least one employee to ensure that any documents connecting him to the clinic “disappeared”. So now we are not only finding out that he has been possibly using performance enhancing drugs, but he may also be tampering with evidence, a criminal act.
The questions now are…


Question #1 Does it matter for baseball?
For me, the short answer is “Not Really
The dipshit (Bud) at the top wouldn’t do anything about it anyway, he sat on his hands while McGwire, Sosa, Bonds and many other big name players played home run derby for years all while the team owners were raking in the money exploiting the leagues lack of an honest drug testing program.
Now Selig’s “harsh” words and threats of 50 game suspensions have done little to nothing to stop the marquee players from ‘roiding up outside of a couple of big name bad apples but hey… that was just Manny being Manny.
Could you see Selig suspending A-Roid for 50 games? There is no way that he would do that; it would end up being a slap in the face of the league. Right now the league has plausible deniability, they have no physical evidence showing Rodriguez was juicing so just look the other way. The guy is 37 and coming off of hip surgery, Selig figures to just let the Yankees keep paying him ($29 million this year, that is $4 million more than the Astros entire payroll) for a couple of more years and let him retire and the whole thing will just clear itself up.

Question #2 Will it hurt A-Rod’s collectability?

Again, for me, the answer is “Not Really

There has always seemed to have been a cloud over Rodriguez, the guy has been suspected of using steroids for years. His name has been rumored to have shown up on failed test lists and connected to various clinics and doctors who do nothing but jack up athletes.
His numbers have been dipping continuously over the last 5 season with the last 2 seasons being dismal for him. He disappears in the playoffs (.150 BA and a 2-1 SO to Hit ratio over the last 3 playoffs).
If this has not chased away the collectors than even proof positive would matter. The guy’s rookie cards are still demanding thousands for graded copies and autographs still seem astronomical in comparison to some of the other top players.

Is this investigation really anything that will surprise fans and collectors? Probably not, most people already have their thoughts on the subject and feel that the MLB is just raising the flags so they appear to be supporting rules that they never had any intention to support anyway.

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