Monday, April 8, 2013

Griner In The NBA?

The 2013 WNBA Draft is next week, April 15th, and barring any last minute trades the Phoenix Mercury will be drafting Brittney Griner with the #1 pick. The 2013 NBA Draft is two months later, June 27th, and Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner, has said that he would be willing to give the 6’8”, 200-lbs Griner a chance to try out for the Mavs. He even said he would be willing to spend a Second Round pick on her just for the chance to get her in to town.
Brittney Griner would not be the first woman with the opportunity to play in the NBA, in the late ‘70s the Indiana Pacers brought Ann Meyers in for a try out but she was not signed.
By June 27th the WNBA will be starting the second month of the regular schedule; Phoenix will actually be in Washington on the night of the NBA Draft. The NBA Summer League stars a few weeks following the NBA Draft, due to the conflicting schedules between the two leagues Griner would have to decide whether to remain in the WNBA or give the NBA a shot.  

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