Friday, April 26, 2013

Now What Could Go Wrong With This Situation II

Three weeks ago I wrote a follow up post to the original “What Could Go Wrong…” detailing what eventually did go wrong with the Jets creating a media circus when they brought in Tim Tebow. I closed the post by jokingly suggesting that I could turn this story in to an annual serial covering the destruction that comes from Woody Johnson’s circus. Little did I realize at the time that I would actually be writing a second “What Could Go Wrong…” following the NFL Draft.

Even though the Jets have serious needs to rebuild the team, Johnson and GM John Idzik decided to once again add a quarterback to their roster. How do you make a grease fire worse? You throw water on it or in this case add another player to an overloaded position.

So begin with 4 quarterbacks who can not get the job done: McElroy, Sanchez, Tebow and Simms

Add a dash of a 102-year old quarterback who has been out of the game since the FDR Administration: Gerrard

And top with a kid who was dissed by every team in the NFL Draft before getting picked up by the scrubs: Smith

I kind of feel bad for Geno Smith, the kid got ignored yesterday and this was after some early mock drafts even had his as high as #1 pick, but then he gets drafted by the Jets. How could he make things any worse? In his first interview as a Jet he takes a page from his dumbass coach Rex Ryan and says "We're going to make the playoffs."

Personally I feel that if this was a situation where Gerrard had the reigns and McElroy and Smith were the backups I think that Smith could have taken a year or two under Gerrard before taking over as the franchise leader but there is no way this will happen as long as Ryan is still the coach.

So once again I ask:
Is there any way that this scenario does not end in someone losing their job at the end of next season due directly to these personal pickups?

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  1. Nope... people will definitely be losing their jobs at the end of the season. I admire Jets fans who have stayed loyal to their team through this rough patch. Hopefully Smith will surprise the NFL with a Russell Wilson type year, take the Jets into the playoffs, and solidify the starter position.