Monday, January 27, 2014

A Fuji Followup

Earlier this month Daniel Wilson from It’s Like Having My Own Card Shop offered to help me reach my blog goal of 100 followers. He held a contest using his own cards as prizes to help me attain my goal. I was touched by his generosity, I wanted to reach out to a fellow blogger and pay it forward by helping someone reach their goal.

 I have been reading Fuji’s blog The Chronicles of Fuji for years and one goal that he has carried over for a couple of years was to add a T206 card of a Philadelphia A’s player to his Athletics personal collection. I have a collection of 1909-11 T206 cards and by luck I happen to have a card of Doc Powers, a Philadelphia A’s catcher. I sent a care package built around the Doc Powers card to Fuji to help him attain his goal.

Being the generous person that Fuji is, knowing that I am a Seahawks fan, he sent me some Seahawks cards as a “Thank you”. A great selection of mid-90s inserts plus two relics and two autographs.

During the 1990s the Seahawks were in a drought, they had a couple of .500 seasons but they tended to lose more than they won and even when an opportunity arose with the #2 pick in the 1993 draft they selected Rick Mirer over players like Garrison Hearst, Lincoln Kennedy or Hall of Famer Willie Roaf. There were some highlights though in Joey Galloway and Chris Warren so the games were always fun to watch. So I was quite delighted to receive a number of Galloway and Warren cards. 

My favorite cards are the Teammates dual card of Galloway and Warren, these cards are the perfect example of the flash of the 1990s inserts. The cards are die-cut down the center in a zig zag type pattern so when they are put together they create one large card. I am torn because the cards are going in to my binder but I want to display them connected. I know, First World Collector Problems.
I have to admit, there are a number of Seahawks players that failed as pros but they are among my favorites no matter what. The list includes Brian Bosworth (I am a huge Boz fan), Rick Mirer, Aaron Curry, Lofa Tatupu and Mike Williams. Fuji, not knowing this, included a couple of Mirer cards and a Curry relic card, pretty cool.
A Curry and Turbin relic and a past/current Seahawk Tarvaris Jackson autograph.

  The final autograph is from Fuji himself. I saw this card a number a years ago on a blog when the blogger traded with Fuji. I have wanted one ever since, I like when bloggers create something unique and memorable that is connected to their blog.


  1. Excellent. If you're not bound to those T206, I'll trade (vintage) for any regardless of condition. Also a second note is that I could use a Seahawks trader (for Bucs and Falcons and Elways). 3rd note Congrats on a SB bid

  2. I am a vintage collector, I actually am hunting down reasonably priced T206 cards. I don't think I really have anything of the Bucs, Falcons or Elway but I will take a look.

  3. Thanks again for helping me out with my goal... can't wait until this Sunday. Go Hawks!