Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Goals For 2014

Yesterday I posted about some changes for the blog that I have planned, some changes that will help me create the blog that I planned from the start. Today I would like to set some goals (within reason).
Last year I set some very simple goals like posting at least 20 posts a month (accomplished), continue VCoM (accomplished), continue pack/blaster/box breaks (accomplished) and introduce a new series where I bust packs/boxes from the 1990s (never even opened a single 1990s pack).
My blog goals for 2014:
Post at least 21 times a month
Continue the VCoM series, add a Sketch Card of the Month series and consider additional fun series
Make the blog “mine”, build on what works and change what does not work
Celebrate 5 years of blogging in June with something special

Hopefully increase my Followers over 100+ (Though this one is out of my hands)

Update my Blogs I Am Reading list, I read way more blogs than are listed
Personal hobby goals for 2014:
Focus on my personal collection, determine what I want and collect only those cards
Stop picking up cards on a whim, if a favorite athletes is not in the set then I don’t need to buy it
Bust only products that interest me
Interact more with other collectors, bloggers and readers and try to work in some trades
Create a “Wanted list” so I can zero in on what is important to me


  1. We're headed in opposite directions. After blogger wouldn't allow me to add Zippy's blog due to a 300 blog limit, I had to go through and "unfollow" a bunch of blogs (all of whom haven't written anything new since 2011). The good thing is now I can actually add current bloggers to my reading list. Best of luck on your 2014 goals!

  2. Good luck on your goals, looks like you almost have your 100+ followers I am #95. I'm not too far behind with 73 followers but I'm not expecting to reach 100 followers anytime soon (I would be pleasantly surprised if I did get to 100).

    I'm the same way with reading blogs, I read more stuff than I am a "follower" of. Of course if a blog doesn't use "blogger" I'm not an official follower.