Wednesday, January 15, 2014

World Stars Toreka Edition Is Live

2013 World Stars Toreka Edition has now been live for two weeks and we are now seeing how the cards are looking on the secondary market. Surprisingly there are not many showing up though I am guessing that with this being a Japanese release we probably will not see as much opened here. You can purchase boxes, which run $150 plus $10 for shipping, from their English web site. Each box contains 3 packs with one card in each pack.
Some of the top cards that have shown up include RG3 Autorait, a gold Carlton Fisk Autorait and a Mike Tyson Autorait. There have also been a number of Alex Morgan Deco cards that have sold pretty well (usually in the $50-75 range) but the biggest boy to show up so far is a Sylvester Stallone Autorait with a whopping $700 BIN.

 I have watched a number of case breaks and it seems like half the boxes are good and the other half are duds so you have roughly a 50-50 chance. The problem with the duds is that they are usually the boxes with buy-backs, most of these cards are pretty common like Bowman Chrome and Topps Triple Threads and the cards are no where near the value you would expect from a $150 box.

I was fortunate enough to win Koji Uehara Kogei autograph shadowbox card from Beckett last November. These cards are extremely cool, I am not sure if I would want to take a chance on a box or just pick up the singles that interest me.

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