Friday, January 24, 2014

Corky's 2013-14 NFL Playoff Predictions Roundup

Last week was my final NFL Playoff predictions using collectability as a way to determine who would win. Here is the results for the Conference Finals selections.

Game 1:
Personal prediction: Seahawks (1-0)
Collectible prediction: Seahawks (1-0)
San Francisco 49ers at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 3.5 points with an O/U 39
The Seahawks won 23-17

Game 2:
Personal prediction: Patriots (1-1)
Collectible prediction: Broncos (2-0)
Betting odds: Broncos favored by 5.5 points with an O/U 55
The Broncos won 26-16

Here is my overall final tally of the NFL Playoffs. Three weeks and ten games total
Personal predictions 7-3
Collectible predictions 6-4

Well, based on the predictions things were pretty even between my personal selections and using collectability to determine the winners. I may not be perfect but 70% personal predictions is not bad odds.

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