Monday, January 6, 2014

What If? Billy Ripken

Awhile back I came across an old thread at FCB where people were tossing up some suggestions of Triple Threads cards that don’t exist but should Over the past few months I have gone through the list and created a couple of custom “What if?” cards. I will toss up some cards from time to time for fun.

The first card is Billy Ripken’s “Fuck face” bat knob booklet.



  1. LOL, that'd be a hell of a collector's item! Cool idea.

  2. Boy, that card stood the collecting world on its ear twenty-five years ago. That signed bat knob card would pull at least four figures on the Bay. No?

  3. That card would certainly command top dollar! Even bat cards from that bat would be pretty cool. Great idea! looking forward to your other "What if" cards!