Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some Changes For A New Year

Today is the day that many people set goals for themselves this gives them something to look forward to over the year. A number of bloggers have also taken on the tradition, setting collection goals. In 4 years of blogging I never really set goals but recently I decided to make some changes so it might be time to set some goals for myself.
In November I hit my 1,000th post and looking back over the previous 4 ½ years I do not feel like I really created an identity for my blog. I tried to cover as much as possible and to be unbiased and with that I realize that I had stepped away from my initial idea of blogging my experience in the hobby.
So I am taking the opportunity of a new year to return to an old idea. The blog will be the meanderings of a collector, my adventures. I figure that it is time to go with a more personalized posts. Some of the things to expect during the upcoming year:
-I am a vintage card collector so the Vintage Card of the Month will remain, they represent a portion of my collection that is important to me.
-I am an artist and I have built a nice collection of art cards that I would like to be represented on my blog so I will be adding a new monthly post highlighting these cards tentatively titled Sketch Card of the Month. This name may change if I decide to add art/paint cards like UD’s Masterpiece art cards, ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) cards or custom cards… or if I just come up with something wittier.
-I plan to drop the reviews as they currently are written. The format that I have used for over 4 years is just not my personal feelings about the set, I devised it to be unbiased. Another reason I am dropping this type of posting is because I was not being consistent, I skipped some products while covering others with multiple posts. I figured that the best way to move forward is to cover products that interest me with a short, quick peek.
-I plan to follow up more on posts that can be expanded further, like the quick peeks.

 -Be my collecting self

So that is what I have planned for my blog this year. Additionally I will be hitting my 5-Year Blog-versary in June and I have something special in mind that I would like to do to celebrate this momentous event. Even with procrastinating, 6 months should be plenty of advance notice for me to get my butt in gear.

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