Friday, January 17, 2014

Corky's 2013-14 NFL Playoff Predictions Conference Finals

The Conference Finals of the 2013-14 NFL Playoffs are here. We will see two games this weekend on Sunday.  

I will follow the same process as last week where I will make my personal predictions, which will be bolded, and my collectible predictions, which will be italicized.

First is last week’s predictions and results:
With my personal predictions I was 3-1, with my collectible predictions I was 3-1

Game 1:
Personal prediction: Seahawks (1-0)
Collectible prediction: Seahawks (1-0)
New Orleans Saints at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 8 points with an O/U 46.5
The Seahawks won 23-15

Game 2:
Personal prediction: Patriots (2-0)
Collectible prediction: Colts (1-1)
Indianapolis Colts at NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS
Betting odds: Patriots favored by 7.5 points with an O/U 53
The Patriots won 43-22

Game 3:
Personal prediction: Panthers (2-1)
Collectible prediction: 49ers (2-1)
San Francisco 49ers at CAROLINA PANTHERS
Betting odds: 49ers favored by 2 points with an O/U 42
The 49ers won 23-10

Game 4:
Personal prediction: Broncos (3-1)
Collectible prediction: Broncos (3-1)
San Diego Chargers at DENVER BRONCOS
Betting odds: Broncos favored by 10 points with an O/U 54.5
The Broncos won 24-17

Let us move on to the Conference Finals predictions

Game 1:
San Francisco 49ers at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
Betting odds: Seahawks favored by 3.5 points with an O/U 39

Colin Kaepernick QB
Michael Crabtree WR
Patrick Willis LB
Russell Wilson QB
Golden Tate WR
Richard Sherman DB
Wilson and Kaepernick have shown the NFL that the young guys can keep up with the old guys and collectors are paying attention. Crabtree and Tate are young brash wide receivers who can put up numbers and Willis and Sherman are prototype at their position. Collectability-wise these teams are on par with each other so this week I am going to be a homer and go with the Hawks.

WINNER: Seattle Seahawks

Game 2:
Betting odds: Broncos favored by 5.5 points with an O/U 55

Tom Brady QB
Julian Edelman WR
Danny Amendola WR

Peyton Manning QB
Wes Welker WR
Montee Ball RB

This game is almost on the opposite end of experience with Brady and Manning proving their value, Amendola and Welker are the quiet receivers who catch everything thrown their way and rather anonymous defenses that were both top 10 defenses. This is one of those games that really can go either way, I was leaning towards Denver at the beginning of the season but as of late I have a feeling that the Patriots will take this game. Either way I think that Peyton and the Broncos are the collectible winners.

WINNER: Denver Broncos

This is the last week of my predictions, next up will be the return of Sports Card Super Bowl

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