Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Big Apple Baseball Is Live And Underperforming

Late last year Leaf purchased Famous Fabrics from In The Game, a move that has actually sat on the back burner since the purchase. Leaf announced that they would work in conjunction with Dr. Price to release the final Famous Fabrics product under the ITG label, 2014 Big Apple Baseball. The product was released the other day and sadly it is an underwhelming swan song for ITG.
Big Apple Baseball is a set that is designed around the New York City teams both past and present. Along with the Yankees and Mets you will also find Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants. The set is a limited release, only 2,000 boxes were printed, and it is made up of memorabilia cards #/50 or less, cut signature cards 1/1 and sketch cards 1/1. Each box runs @$125 and contains a 1/1 Cut Signature card along with either a sketch or memorabilia card. There are different memorabilia cards with single relics, dual relics, quad relics, Retired Numbers, MVP and Enshrined.
The checklist includes, in various forms, Ruth, Gehrig, Jeter, Campanella, Robinson, Ott, Mariano Rivera, Gary Carter, Reggie Jackson and more so the checklist is not the problem, what is the problem is that the designs are very generic. The sketch cards are unique and look quite cool but the rest is just lackadaisical. When I had heard about this product last year I was expecting something better, this just is not what you would expect from ITG.
This was a missed opportunity, even if you have never been a fan of the New York teams you will still have a favorite somewhere along the line.  Prices seem pretty low and there does not seem to be a lot of activity, I don’t know if this is what we can expect as the product ages and more of the bigger named player’s cards get pulled.

Here are some examples from current auctions:

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