Monday, March 3, 2014

Do You Sometimes Buy Because Of The Box?

Have you ever bought a product because you like the packaging?

In the 1990s Ken Griffey Jr. had a contract with Upper Deck so he was on quite a bit of their packaging and advertising materials. In 1998 Upper Deck released their 1998 Retro Baseball product in metal lunchboxes, which they repeated in 1999. The 1999 Retro Baseball release was the only product I bought because of the packaging. I am hoping to pick up a 1998 Retro lunchbox eventually but prices are pretty insane. It was corny on the surface but if you think about it, many collectors are in their 20s-40s and many of us had metal lunchboxes in school so it was a bit sentimental.


  1. I loved the lunchboxes when I first heard about them, but as you say the prices are just insane. If I could find them for a couple bucks each I would! I like the Donruss Preferred tins and Pinnacle Inside cans, too. And Topps Screenplay came in nice round tins...

  2. As a Griffey fan I actually bought this one as well! I have a Larry Bird one from Retro Basketball.

  3. Kudos to the peeps in UD marketing department. This was a very cool idea and it definitely attracted me as well as a couple of my buddies back in the day.