Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poor Griffey, You Look So Folded

Every so often you come across a collector who has a sense of humor, I found one yesterday while searching for Ken Griffey Jr. cards.
It seems like sellers look for ways to make the “1/1” claim. I think I came across the best 1/1 card, as long as you like to have a laugh. The seller, who is a regular seller, posted a seriously damaged 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. that was graded as a BGS Poor 1. The card is truly one of a kind, the population for a Poor 1 Grade? One card, this card, significantly less than all of the BGS Gm Mt 10 cards that are available.
I sent the seller an email and he let me know that he did this for a couple of reasons, one was he is countering the people who use the “eBay 1/1” term loosely, making fun of the claim if you will. Additionally, as a Griffey collector he can truly say he has one of the more rare graded Griffey card. He never intended to sell the card and at an opening bid of $26,000 I think he has definitely drawn the attention to his card that he was looking to gain.


  1. Ha, that's pretty great. Hopefully the card was already a bit banged up before he went ahead with ripping/folding, but still that's pretty cool.

  2. I know this sounds crazy... but I totally want this for my Damaged Card PC. Although... 26k is a little out of my price range.

  3. I saw that one on the Ebay card forum.