Monday, March 31, 2014

Lets Play Ball!

What better way to celebrate Opening Day than opening packs of baseball cards?
Two 2014 Topps Series 1 hanger boxes and a 2014 Topps Heritage blaster
Both products have been covered quite extensively since their respective releases so I will just point out my highlights. I was initially was just going to go with the Series 1 hanger boxes but when I saw the Heritage I figured I would grab one to add a bit of variety. Apparently the Heritage blasters are pretty difficult to find right now, my Walmart just got a case in Friday so I guess I was pretty lucky to find this one.
The Mariners open up tonight against the Angels, hopefully my overabundance of Mariners cards are a good sign for the season. There is no doubt that the Mariners have a solid young core and the addition of Cano may just bring the team the extra power that they need to make it to the playoffs this year.
I got a nice selection of Mariners this time, normally when I open packs I end up with Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma, which isn’t bad but when every pack/box contains only those two it gets frustrating. This time I got a variety of Mariners which is pretty cool even though some of the players are in a bit of flux with injuries or assigned to Tacoma (Triple-A).

I was happy to pull two Taijuan Walker rookie cards plus a couple of Future Stars in Zunino and Franklin. Nick Franklin is actually starting the season in Tacoma after being displaced by the Cano addition and is rumored to be on the trading block. I think he has a solid future, I just wish it is with the Mariners in some capacity.

I also pulled a collection of Diamondbacks, plus two players that have since been traded (Skaggs and Holmberg).
A couple of Red Hot Foil parallels of a player no longer with the Dodgers and a player with the Mets Triple-A team in Las Vegas.
I finished the Series One boxes with four yellow parallels and a couple of minis

My Heritage blaster was pretty decent. I think Zunino is going to be the solid backstop that the Mariners haven’t had since Dan Wilson manned the plate. Of course you can never complain if you get the guy who wears his sunglasses at night. (1980s reference for Corey Hart).
The D-Backs #1 Starter
A Longoria Blue parallel
And finish with a hit from the Crime Dog
This was a pretty fun break, lots of Mariners and some Diamondbacks start off the new baseball season.




I close with a bit of humor, Coco Crisp on a good hair day and a bad hair day.

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