Friday, March 7, 2014

A Freezing New Pickup

At one time I was a hockey collector, but after a couple of strikes and lockouts I was a wavering fan. By the time of the 2004-05 NHL Lockout I was done as a hockey fan and a hockey collector. I will still check to see how the Islanders or Coyotes are doing and I have picked up a couple of cards from time to time but it has been years since I opened a pack of hockey cards.

One day while searching through the eBay machine I noticed there was a suggestion for a 2006-07 Trilogy Frozen In Time card, which caught my attention. I did some searching and found out that Mike Bossy was on the checklist, my favorite Islander of all time. A bid of $2.95 and the Mike Bossy card was mine.

The Frozen In Time inserts were released between the 2005-06 Trilogy release through the 2009-10 Trilogy release. This set, 2006-07, and the 2007-08 Frozen In Time designs are my favorite.

I just got the card and I have to say this card is freakin awesome. The card is made of thick rigid plastic/acetate, about the thickness of a relic card. The card comes with a peel off cover over the front of the card. The back of the card looks like cracked ice while Bossy is on the front of the card and because it is see through the card is looks like he is floating above the ice.

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  1. Nice card. Great price also. Too bad Bossy retired at the young age of 30. You have to wonder how many more goals he would have scored if he had another 8-10 years of playing time.