Friday, March 28, 2014

Quick Peek At 2014 Topps UFC Knockout

In roughly a month Topps will be releasing the next round of UFC cards with 2014 Topps UFC Knockout. Each box will run @$130-140 and will contain 8 packs (5 cards per pack). You will pull at least 8 hits (2 Autos, 2 Auto-Relics and 4 Relics) and 8 parallels.
The UFC is an ever-evolving entity and Topps does a nice job keeping up with the fighters. The set consists of 100 fighters, which will be broken up among young fighters, vets and champions. Each base card will have 5 parallels; Gold, Green and Red plus two different 1/1 parallels: Mat parallels (printed on a simulated mat) and Printing Plates.
Like previous Knockout releases this set is focused on hits, which come one per pack. There will be plenty of autographs, including some on-card autographs. There are actually 10 different autograph sets, which will include multiple autographs, Twitter handles and nicknames. Like before there will also be redemptions for autographed gloves. Relics will be pretty standard like mats, shirts and shorts and replica championship belts. Triple Threads will also be part of the autograph and relic sets and Fist-o-Graph Box Toppers#/10 will be randomly inserted. 
My thoughts, I love UFC and I think that Topps has done a wonderful job. I am not a high end buyer and sadly my favorite fighter, Ryan Bader, is not on the checklist I still plan on hunting down some of Benson Henderson and Alistair Overeem’s cards.

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