Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Pair Of Piper Pit Pickups

I have been on an old-school wrestling kick targeting some of the greatest to ever put on the tights. I will cover some of the other recent pickups later but this one is pretty special. This past July when Roddy Piper passed away unexpectedly the world was left without the Hot Rod and while he appeared in many sets over the past two decades his autographs were nowhere to be seen until Leaf released 2012 Leaf Originals. He has a couple of official Leaf and Topps autographs but when Leaf released 2015 Sportkings Vault and I saw Piper had both autographs and relics in the set I went on the hunt.

I picked up  his Sportkings Vault Single Memorabilia card and his Autograph card and I was so excited to get them in my hands. If I am not mistaken I believe his only relic cards are ones that were released in the 2009 Sportkings set and the re-released 2015 Sportkings Vault set.


  1. Awesome pickups! Gotta love Hot Rod!

  2. Awesome pick ups. Piper had some of the best mic skills ever. The Pit when he smashed the coconut over Jimmy Snuka's head was my favorite.

  3. With a name like Angus, you have to know that I always loved Hot Rod! Love the bagpipes!