Friday, March 25, 2016

Returning From Vacation Mode

I just got back from an amazing trip, my girlfriend (who I have known since we were 12 years old and has been a huge supporter helping me heal from my divorce last year) asked me where I would like to go and I told her I miss the ocean ever since I left Seattle in 2008 I have not smelled the fresh salty ocean air so she set up a surprise trip to Fort Bragg, California, a small sea-side town about 3 hours north of San Francisco.

The town is a typical tourist town, though at this time of year it is virtually empty, so we were able to travel around and explore without throngs of people fighting at every step. We started with a brisk walk to the Pomo Bluffs and the view was amazing. It stormed most of Monday so the ocean was quite turbulent and waves were running about 8-10 feet high. After dinner we headed back to the Pomo Bluffs to watch the sun set as another storm cell moved in.

Tuesday she hit me with another surprise, a trip on the Skunk Train in to the redwood forest. When it comes to trains I am like Sheldon Cooper, I get quite excited. This was only my second train ride and I could not have asked for more beautiful scenery.

After the train ride we took time walking around the town and after dinner we headed out to Glass Beach to watch the sun set. There were plenty of clouds and it was insanely windy but it made for another stunning sunset. When the sun dropped below the horizon the sky looked like a pastel drawing.


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  1. Sounds like a great trip. I'm heading to the Oregon coast for a weekend in early May and am really looking forward to it.