Friday, March 18, 2016

My First Booklet Kelly Slater Style

Here is a follow up over three years in the making. In 2012 Upper Deck released the 2012 Upper Deck All-Time Greats Sports Edition release that had a limited checklist of only certifiable greats like Michael Jordan, Barry Sanders, Landon Donovan, Richard Petty, Hulk Hogan, Tiger Woods and Kelly Slater.

At that time I had even posted two of the cards that drew my interest, both Kelly Slater cards, and since I wasn’t keeping a “Wants” list at the time I filed both cards away in my mental filing cabinet and needless to say forgot. When I finally set up my Top 10 Wants list I added one of the cards to the list but in all honesty I forgot about the booklet card, which was actually the card I originally wanted.

In January by chance I came across some Kelly Slater cards and ended up doing some searches and was reminded of the booklet card. I found one for a reasonable price and snatched it up. This is my first booklet card ever and it is a thing of beauty, Upper Deck did an amazing job.

To add to my Kelly Slater collection I also picked up a 2015 Sportkings Vault Single Memorabilia Kelly Slater relic. Thank you to Sportkings/Leaf for doing what should be standard with relic cards and give specifics of where the relic came from originally, the back of the card states that this piece came from a pair of shorts that he wore in 2006 while surfing the North Shore.


  1. Those are two incredible cards! Congrats!

  2. Both of those cards are awesome! Kelly Slater is easily the centerpiece of my surfer pc.