Thursday, March 31, 2016

Damaged By My Own Mistake

Is there anything worse than damaging a card yourself due to lack of attention?

I recently picked up a rare Griffey card, a 2003 Topps Kanebo #3 card. These cards were created by Topps and are exactly like the 2002 (Gold border) and 2003 (Green border) Topps baseball cards but the backs are in Japanese and the Topps logo was removed from the card face on the 2003 cards. They were created for and distributed by Kanebo Foods in Japan.

I have never seen the cards before and was instantly grabbed, I have an affinity for the Japanese culture, I didn’t pay a ton but it was definitely more than a base 2003 Topps Griffey card. The card was perfect when I received it but after opening the package I grabbed an armful of stuff and headed up the stairs, the card began to slide off of the top of the pile I had in my arms so I put it between my teeth without even thinking. Needless to say I realized my mistake too late and I left two teeth marks across the edge of the card. It isn’t noticeable in the scan or even when you look at the card but if you hold it at an angle you notice the slight marks on the surface. I am so bummed.

Last week I picked up a 2002 Topps Kanebo Ichiro #16 and made sure not to damage it (LOL)


  1. Not that this was a rare card, but I feel asleep looking at some cards a couple of nights ago. When I woke up, I noticed that one of the cards was folded neatly in half. I must have rolled over on it.

  2. Dude. I just damaged my recently purchased Billy Martin autograph. There was some gunk on the PSA slab, so I took a wet towel and wiped the stuff off. As I was wiping off the excess water... I noticed that water had seeped its way into the holder. Had to put it in a container of rice for two days... and even then the card was damaged. Luckily... it isn't that noticeable. At least I learned something from the experience. PSA holders aren't completely sealed.

    1. Wow, I always thought that slabbed cards were totally sealed. That was an awesome Billy Martin autograph card too.

  3. That can be gut wrenching if it's a card you really care about! I've become really focused when handling cards like that. I had one stick to a scanner and then drop below getting dinged.

    Glad Fuji shared that story, I also thought they were sealed, that'll likely save me in the future.

  4. Tough get! I'm still trying to track one of these down...