Saturday, March 12, 2016

Danny Trejo Through The Stargate

Danny Trejo is one of my favorite actors and he appears in pretty much every type of genre of movies and television, credited with over 300 actor appearances based on IMDB, including a couple of shows that have their own cards sets like Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad but as far as I know he appears in one card set, 2013 Chop Shop Machete, and has one official autograph, 2008 Rittenhouse Stargate Atlantis. He does have a sketch card in the 2010 Planetmatt Hollywood is Dead set, but more on that later.

I picked up the set based on Machete last June, I have added an autographed mini movie poster last October and now I have his official autograph. Every time I have bid on one in the past I ended up losing at the last minute but I finally won and this is a welcome addition to my Trejo collection.

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