Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Card Memorial For Wilder

Last week Leaf stepped in to the on-demand trading card market with the release of Leaf Live. The way the program works is similar to Topps Now and Panini Instant/Eternal where a card is designed based on an athlete or event and it is sold for a limited time. Leaf Live cards are open for a 1-week period and are being sold through Leaf’s eBay store with cards selling at $4.99 with free shipping, larger lots are available.

The first card is Gene Wilder, which has led to some people to be angry over Leaf’s use of Wilder’s passing as a way to sell cards but those people seem to forget this happens quite often like the 2005 Topps Chronicles release, even yesterday my post was a memorial card for Andy Whitfield. I believe that Brian Gray had this card designed out of complete respect for Gene Wilder and in his memory.

The next two cards on the checklist are currently available with #2 Yoan Moncada through today and #3 Dak Prescott through 9/12/16.


  1. Love Gene Wilder, but wouldn't pick up this card unless it was in a dimebox.
    Maybe they should have called the product Leaf Dead. lol

    1. I was undecided and wasn't going to do it but I gave in to the dark side.

  2. I considered buying one in spite of my misgivings. I'm still on the fence about it, but it's too late now!

  3. Leaf has done this kinda thing many times so it didn't surprise me. I don't agree with it but it doesn't mean I don't think this card is cool

  4. Super sad. HIs performance in Willy Wonka still gives me goosebumps. That movie was a huge part of my childhood. Might need to watch it today after the Seahawks game.