Friday, September 16, 2016

Another Trip Back To WWI Germany

I have always been an enthusiastic reader with history subjects being at the top of my interests, specific the early 20th Century and World War I. I have a mini WWI related collection but it is a difficult collection to build with few options but I am always watching and will always happily add anything connected to Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the Red Baron. I have posted two vintage Richthofen cards in previous VCoM and believe it or not I have more vintage Richthofen cards for future VCoM posts but today I go with some modern cards.

My most recent Red Baron pickups are from modern sets. Two are from the 2008 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball release, the base version and a #1/1 Memorable Moments parallel. The 1/1 card is thicker and has a small cutout on the front with the memorable moments clipping.

The next card comes from the 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball release and the final card is from the 2011 Goodwin Champions release. If you are an eagle eye you will catch an uncorrected error on the back of this card which says he was killed in 1818, which should actually be 1918.


  1. I never knew the Red Baron had cards! I'll have to track one or two of these down.