Sunday, September 18, 2016

Is Anyone Really Surprised?

 It has just been announced that after his first game in a Browns uniform, RG3 is out 10-12 weeks with a broken bone in his shoulder. The injury happened late in the 4th Quarter of last week's game against the Eagles when he made a run to the sideline and slammed in to a waiting Byron Maxwell.
ESPN’s Adam Schefter is saying that he may be out for the remainder of the season, another lost season for Griffin, who was looking for redemption with the move to Cleveland now appears to just be a change in uniform with the same injury results.


  1. I was hoping it would be different, but am not too surprised.

    Of course McCown getting hurt yesterday is going to lead to Kessler starting which will give the Browns five different starting QBs in their last five games with Manziel and Davis starting weeks 16 and 17 last year.

  2. Surprised? No. Disappointed for Browns fans? Definitely.